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tv   News4 Today  NBC  October 9, 2013 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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temperatures right now in the low 50s around much of the region. chilly through 8:00 in the low to mid-50s. by 10:00 should be near 60 and cloudy. still cloudy at noontime. into the low to mid-60s. that will be the high for the day. the rainfall arrival is coming in about ten minutes. danella, how is traffic? tom, ashed our area still pretty quiet ut. it's early. not seeing congestion. a lot of the construction in place earlier is gone. for folks traveling i-95 in maryland, a clear chute for you. let's shoot over and give you a live look at 216 in both directions as you travel north and southbound, no accidents, no delays. now over to i-270. a live look for folks in germantown. southbound and northbound absolutely clear. in fact, between frederick and rockville, no accidents, no delays. over to the rails, they're open running on time. metro, marc, vre, on time for
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you as you make your way on the rails. aaron and eun, over to you. >> the lights are back on in a busy intersection in aspen hill in time for the morning rush. montgomery county police say a car crashed into several poles around 9:30 last night. that knocked out power in the area of turkey branch. crews worked through the night to get the lights back on. one person was taken to the hospital. we're working to find out that condition. >> two minutes after the hour, new this morning we've learned alexandria police made an arrest in a stabbing we told you about at 11:00. 18-year-old abdulai is charged with malicious wounding. investigators believe he stabbed a man during a fight between two large groups of young people on north morgan street. the man stabbed has life thre threatening injuries. police are still looking for information in the case so if you saw that fight please call alexandria police. also this morning we hope to learn more about a man found floating in a howard county lake. the body was spotted around 4:00
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in lake elkmore. there are no obvious signs of injury or foul play here but we are working to find out the results of an autopsy. detectives are still working to identify the man. 6:03 is your time now. both the president and house speaker are stepping up their rhetoric as the government shutdown enters day nine. and this morning we expect to learn more about the impact it's having on d.c. melissa mollet is live with more. >> reporter: good morning. a big event being held by the city here outside the capitol at 11:00 this morning basically asking for an end to the shut yun. mayor gray saying it's affect ing people because they can't spend their own tax dollars so using contingency funds. the cash, though, will soon run out. some cia workers will be back on the job this morning. john brennan says keeping staff at the current reduced levels poses a safety threat as the
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president is again asking republicans to hold a vote immediately to reopen the government and increase the debt limit. >> negotiations shouldn't require hanging the threat of a government shutdown or economic chaos over the heads of the american people. >> there's going to be a negotiation here. we can't raise the debt ceiling without doing something about what's driving us to it borrow more money and live beyond our means. >> reporter: it starts at 11:00 a.m. and comes one day after mayor gray talking about the hardship this is causing here in the did district. on capitol hill, melissa mollet, enthuse 4. molette green has a new poll on the shutdown. this brand-new poll out today breaks down who americans blame the most. the associated press survey shows the public pray mayoral pointing the finger at republ
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republicans by 63% but all of the key players in washington are taking the heat as we enter day nine of this impasse with about half blaming president obama or the democrats. 52% believe the president is not doing enough to cooperate on the stalemate. the poll finds the tea party with significant influence among those who identify themselves as republicans. 41% say they want gop leaders to stand their it ground. that is the latest from the live desk. it is now 5:05. congress could vote today to restore death benefits to fallen soldiers' families. the because of this government shutdown, survivors of service members killed after october 1 will not get $100,000 to pay for funeral expenses and other costs. we'll have much more on this story in about 20 minutes. covering northern havevirgi for you, part of downtown leesburg is getting a face-lift. the leesburg town council voted
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to move forward with plans to renovate the downtown area including eliminating about two blocks of parking on king street. shops and restaurants there are afraid that could put them out of business. we should learn more about what one alexandria community will soon look like. alexandria will give us details about a new development at potomac yard called the exchange at potomac yards. it could include homes, shops, and offices. in the day ahead, president obama is expected to nominate janet yellin as chair of the federal resefb. she would be the first woman to ha head the central bank. summers was originally nominated to the posts but he withdrew from consideration. ben bernanke will end his term in january. new this morning, another tragedy overnight proving the dangers workers face inside garment factories. and why some of you are getting extra tame to pay the so-called car tax in virginia.
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5:07. tom? good morning. cloudy and chilly. low to mid-50s. radar showing some rain coming in a the chesapeake bay, into
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red's my color. for the first time ever, i am supporting a democrat for governor. i am proud to support terry mcauliffe because he's focused on creating jobs for the commonwealth. i hope you'll join me and vote for terry mcauliffe for governor. diana nyad is almost 24 hours into her super stomach
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sa sandy benefit swim. she began a 48-hour long pal set up right in manhattan's harold square to raise money for people still struggling a year after that superstorm. last month nyad became the first person to swim from cuba to florida without a shark cage. she has raised over $40,000 already. the federal government shutdown is a hurdle for upcoming marathons including the new york city marathon. organizers are look iing at contingency plans for its 48,000 runners. it is about 5:11. time for traffic and weather on the 1s. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is here with what you need to know. >> good morning, cloudy and a bit of a northerly breeze and chilly, low to mid-50s. 40s in some of the rural areas. temperatures will stay chilly through much of the morning with
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a lot of cloud cover. right into the metro area around 2:00 and from 2:00 p.m. all the way through the evening will likely have rain. the next seven days, we'll look at that in ten mibts. how is our traffic, danella? tom, still looking nice, quiet commute for folks heading out of the house, easy commute for you. you can see a lot of green. this is along suitland parkway. we'll take the trip crossing over the freeway. a live look inbound at 7th street. 395 itself from the beltway to the 14th street bridge is cleared. no issues in either direction. aaron and eun? danella, thank you. it may be convenient but is it safe? a new warning about mobile banking next. and the new details we're learning about that undercover
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cop involved in an suv attack in new york city. yo
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5:15 right now. some members of congress that were arrested at this immigration rally are tweeting that they are proud for taking a stand on the issue. police arrested almost 200 people at the rally on the national mall yesterday. at least eight of them were house democrats. thousands of people were at that rally. they are demanding congress pass immigration reform legislation. it is now 5:15. new this morning crews are searching through the rubble following a deadly building collapse in india. at least two people died when a three-story building collapsed in new delhi. crews rescued at least one person, but rescuers fear more people could be trapped under the rubble. investigators say the building was 150 years old. also new this morning, a fire killed at least ten people in a factory in bangladesh. this happened at a garment
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factory. the general manager is among the dead. more than 170 others were inside the building at the time. most were able to escape. the cause of that fire remains under investigation. right now secretary of state john kerry is in brunei. he's completing a trip president obama had to cancel because you of the government shutdown. kerry is holding talks with china and several smaller southeast asian countries. a big part of the discussions will center around cooling tensions over territorial disputes in the south china sea. the summit will cover political, economic, and security issues. later today ousted nfl player aaron hernandez is due back in court. the former new england patriots tight end is charged with murder. he is scheduled to appear in a pretrial hearing this this afternoon. his first time in court since he pled not guilty. prosecutors say hernandez shot and killed semi pro football player odin lloyd last june. he faces five other weapons related charges. new details about the undercover new york police detective involved in this
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violent confrontation between motorcycle riders and a family in an suv. we're told the officer once did undercover work during the occupy wall street movement. the detective was off-duty when he was riding with this group of bikers. he says he didn't do anything wrong, but police say this shows him punching the suv window. the officer turned himself in yesterday. he will be arraigned today. 17 after the hour. students at princeton heading back to class after a scare shut down part of their campus. gunshots were reportedly heard last night. police sent out an alert as well as warnings on twitter and the school website. the university now says that was a false report. you may soon get more time to fight a parking or speeding ticket in the district. the d.c. council is considering a bill that would give drivers a longer time to challenge tickets and allow to you submit more evidence in your favor. the bill calls for the ticket to be voided if the city doesn't make a ruling on that challenge within six months.
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right now some challenges can take up to two years. the council hopes to vote on this bill later this year. the government shutdown is giving prince william county residents a little longer to pay their so-called car tax. they extended the deadline to pay the tax through november 21. more than 75% of county residents paid by monday's it deadline but several supervisors said they received calls from some expressing worry about being able to pay prompting them to extend that deadline. 5:18 is your time now. local nonprofits are hurting because of this government shutdown. they're furloughing workers and cutting services because they aren't getting funding. they include the latin american youth center in columbia heights and the health facility in adams morgan. well, we are waking up to cloudy skies all over the region right now and that could be a baringer of things to come this morning and into the weekend. let's check in with tom kierein now for a look at your forecast. tom? let an umbrella be your friend, you will be needing it
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here beginning this afternoon and all the way into the weekend. a chance of rain each day. right now looking at storm team 4 radar it. we are getting some rain into southeastern virginia now and it's advancing off to the north. right now the leading edge of the rain is coming up in the d middle neck of virginia, maybe into the northern neck by 10:00, another several hours. then around the metro area in the low to mid-50s. 40s out of the shenandoah valley and into the mountains, and we'll stay in the 50s for students at the bus stop, you'll need a coat this morning. we'll be in the 50s. have an umbrella with you. you'll likely need it as you head back home later today. temperature graph is showing temperatures climbing just into the low to mid-50s with a cloudy morning so our high temperatures are likely going to be right around noontime and then once the rain commences, i think we'll get the first rain drops right in washington around 2:00 this afternoon and a little bit earlier for our southern and eastern suburbs perhaps around noontime. once that rain commences,
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temperatures will drop back down into the 50s. we'll be in the upper 50s through the afternoon. then down into the mid-50s through the evening and by dawn tomorrow the low 50s with occasional rain. by the time we get into thursday aft afternoon we may have rain totals of one to two inches around the area. so occasional rain through the day on thursday. thursday night into friday may taper off, just occasional showers and patchy drizzle with low clouds and highs in the low 60s on friday. saturday could still get a few showers and maybe some drizzle as well as on sunday. so it does look like this is going to continue all the way into the weekend off and on on friday, saturday, and sunday. not constant rain. drying out as we get into next week the another lack at storm team 4 radar in about ten minutes. how is traffic this morning? i'm tracking breaking news for folks traveling bw parkway. if you're traveling southbound bw parkway, multivehicle crash is blocking all of your southbound lanes. this is just south of 175.
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i'm going to give you a live look right now. the accident, like i said, involves multiple vehicles and check out the delays. they're pretty solid now. all the southbound lanes are blocked. this accident came in reportedly with no serious injuries involved in this crash. that is good news. for now southbound 295 in maryland shut down. if you travel bw parkway you are going to want to jump over. i'm checking it for you. it is anyways and clear. make sure if you're on twitter you follow us. i'll tweet out updates and where folks will get their lanes back. aaron and eun? it is now 5:21. a jupiter bound probe will do a low fly by over earth today to build up speed for its long journey into the solar system. the juneau spacecraft will skim just 350 miles above the earth's surface and use gravity to help slingshot it to the fifth planet from the sun. juneau was launched two years ago but building up speed to
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give it enough momentum to make it to jupiter. did you know we could do this, aaron? once there a year studying the origins of the planet. cool. we will find out whether a local former boxing coach will head to prison. kiely thompson admits he diverted thousands of dollars in government grants to pay for his gambling habit. he could spend more than two years in prison. he was a professional boxer. he later ran a gym for at-risk youth. chances are you do most of you banking onlane or on your smartphone. is it really safe? more than half of american adults do some type of online banking but you are putting your information at risk if you check your accounts on an open wi-fi network. security experts also suggest checking your smartphone's privacy settings and securing your pass words. don't save your pass words in your contacts list and it if you do and you shouldn't, please don't label it pass words.
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you're just handing your cash to strangers. now experts also warn against using financial apps made by a third party. they say only download apps made by trusted financial institutions or your own bank. a group is expected to protest against the proposed casino at national harbor. the coalition to stop the sacrifice zone says it is opposed to gambling in the area. they want to see more minority owned businesses in the area as well. the march will happen from 4:00 to 6:00 this afternoon across the street from national harbor. 5:23 now. postgame handshakes are supposed to promote -- they are to leave those handshakes out after games. there have been at least 25 handshake incidents including some fights over the last few years. the state's high school athletic association says teams can ignore the order, however, unsportsmanlike conduct will mean a fine. d.c. councilmembers will
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hold a public meeting about a new trash compactor bill. the proposal would create a tax incentive. they have been shown to reduce rodents and smells associated with traditional dumpsters as well reduce the wear and tear. the meeting will start at 10:00 today. the vote promised today in the shutdown ordeal after nbc news started asking questions. plus, just how close the u.s. could get to defaulting on its loans. the a new timetable is out on a vote to raise the debt ceiling. are and metro is out with a new crime report. the stations in d.c., maryland and virginia where there are the most cases. a live look outside. grab the jacket for now and an umbrella. your
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looking at the stories making headlines at 5:27. alexandria police say they arrested an 18-year-old. a man stabbed has life threatening injuries. moving forward with controversial renovations to downtown at an expansion of king street. congress could vote to restore death benefits to fallen soldiers' family. we'll learn more about this one in a live report from capitol hill in just a few minutes. 5:28 is your time now. i'm in the storm 4 team weather center. today could be the start of several days of rain.
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tom is here to tell us more. not yet, right? >> welcome to the weather center. >> this is great. >> we have a space set up here, bagels. would you like an omelet? >> yes, i would. >> we'll get that going for you. right now rain. a big change in our weather pattern. there's the storm team 4 radar showing rain advancing in southeastern virginia now. the leading edge of the rain is right near which wiilliamsburg that's going to be continuing to advance to the north, should be coming right into the northern neck of virginia, perhaps in another couple of hours, some light rain initially. a blustery northeasterly wind off the bay. and that rain will continue advancing further north as you get closer to the metro areas as the day progresses. right now, though, just cloudy and chilly. much of the region in the low to mid-50s around the area and the nearby neighborhood and in month fwomry county it's low 50s but mid-50s prince george's and fairfax county, arlington, the district mid and upper 50s.
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it will stay through much of the morning. by late morning, though, low 60s. by noontime should be making it into the mid-60s. just south and east of washington, noontime, charles county, st. mary's, calvert, you may be seeing rain move in by noontime. sun rises at 7:12. i'll talk about the timing of that rain arrival in the metro area. a pretty good chance of that moving in. that's coming up here this about ten minutes. i'll show you the timing and how much long er it may last. now, danella, how is traffic? is still following breaking news on bw parkway traveling in jessup, maryland, southbound all of your lanes are blocked just south of 175. you could see here just a moment ago all the cars were jammed so it looked like authorities are forcing them off of the roadway but no other volume will be allowed to pass. here is what's happening. multiple accidents. so not just one accident,
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multiple accidents are reported southbound bw parkway south of 175 and i want to show you on the map here so you can see delays are growing. the best alternate. i-95 is your best bet. no delays at all the. the here is 175. if you jump over prior to 175, jump over at 100, anyways and clear as you continue southbound to the beltway. taking the beltway itself, no issues to report. inner loop and outer loop. outer loop folks driving from i-95 to i-270 easy ten-minute trip. no accidents here and also i'm keeping my eye on the rails. they're not report iing delays. aaron and eun? danella, thank you. today will be a tough day for one army ranger's family. a dignified transfer ceremony for private first class cody patterson. his remains will arrive in dover. he is one of four killed in afghanistan on sunday. 5:31 is your time now. congress could vote today on a bill to make sure patterson's
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family receives death benefits. because of the government shutdown survivors of service members killed since october 1 won't get money to pay for funeral expenses and travel to dover. tracie potts live on capitol hill now with more on this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. lawmakers are really upset about this saying it was never their intent for people whose loved ones died fighting for this kun are country fighting in afghanistan. they expected that it would cover the is your vafr benefits but lawyers at the pentagon read and saw that differently and now those benefits have been withheld from 17 families so far as a result of this shutdown and we're hearing outrage from democrats and republicans here. >> it's shameful and embarrassing. there are no words to describe the situation. at least that i'm capable of expressing. that america could fail the families of our fallen heroes. >> last week the congress passed
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the pay our military benefits act, we give broad authority to the department of defense to pay all kinds of bills including this and, frankly, i think it's disgraceful that they're with holding these benefits. >> reporter: and speaker boehner says he wants to fix that right away. looking at today's schedule. a vote to clarify these benefits should be paid during the government shutdown. senator john mccain says he hopes it jumpstarts negotiationses on ending the shutdown. aaron? >> tracie potts on the hill for us. thank you. today d.c. mayor vincent gray and eleanor holmes norton will take their plea to the steps of the u.s. capitol. they plan to hold a press conference on the east lawn to highlight the negative impacts the district is feeling. this comes a day after a letter was sent to the president and congressional ladiers asking for a meeting. by law d.c. cannot spend its own tax dollars. contingency funds have been used
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to keep the government running. fwra says that money is quickly running out. 5:33. we don't know if congress will raise the debt ceiling but we can tell you the senate had will vote to raise it before of next thursday's deadline. harry reid filed a bill yesterday to raise the debt ceiling with no strings attached until after next year's election. he isn't sure if he has enough to pass the bill. even if republicans try to delay that vote. if you pick up today's "wall street journal" you'll find an op-ed paul ryan wrote. the former vice presidential nominee insists the president must be willing to negotiate on entitlement reforms and change our tax code if he'll go along with raising our debt ceiling. he wrote, quote, if we don't make the tough decisions now we'll face only tougher decisions later. we can work together. we can do some good. all it takes is leadership and for the president to come to the table. the newest crime report at metro stations is out.
5:33 am
snatch and grab robberies remain high. angie goff with the breakdown on this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, aaron. the first early morning metro riders are actually just starting to arrive, learning that this station stops the list of one of the stations with the most recorded crime. now the report looked at numbers between the months of january and august of this year, and this station came in at number one with 44 incidents. deanwood, minnesota avenue, gallery place all in d.c., were also in the top five. maryland's capitol heights came in at number seven and the vienna stop with 28 crimes. now i talked with one commuter who said he saw a be robbery recently at another station. >> just as i got off the subway i could see a young lady standing there and there were policemen standing near her and she was given a report and someone was giving her a description of the guy who had
5:34 am
snatched whatever it was and ran home. >> and the snatch and grab incidents of phones and tablets along with stolen bikes make up almost 60%, more than half, of the report eed crime incidents. clark was surprised that brookland came in at number one. he rides the metro here every day. he did say that with catholic university nearby, there are a lot of students that use this station and often they have eir electronic devices 0 out in the open making them easy targets. reporting live, angie goff, news 4. angie, thank you. 5:35 right now. later this morning volunteers will hand out information about aids and hiv at more than a dozen metro stations. hiv is an epidemic in the washington area. communities of color and gay and bi-sexual men remain at risk -- at high risk for hiv. whitman walker health employees and volunteers are encouraging people to sign up for the 27th annual aids walk happening saturday, october 26 at freedom plaza hosted by our eun yang. the neighborhood reporting
5:35 am
more black bear sightings recently. >> oh, no. >> reporter: plus, a woman's terrifying story after she was carjacked in northwest washington. what she was doing just seconds before that attack. and why your winter heating bill could soon be going up. 5:36. tom? good morning. it's cloudy and we're in the 50s now, a bit of a blustery wind. rain getting closer to washington. i'll tell you when i think it will b
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welcome back at 5:39. today is national walk to school day and we'll see special events to mark the occasion across the region in prince george's county, olympian dominique dawes at roger heights and our own storm team 4 meteorologist veronica johnson will be there as well as at least 300 students between the ages of 4 and 12 are expected to walk to school today. students will be walking to school as well. leggett will celebrate at kensington park. this event's idea is to promote safer streets and cleaner air. >> good idea. it's good to exercise. it might be a tough day to be outdoors. >> especially later on today.
5:39 am
tom kierein is here with a look at the forecast. tom? right now we have some clouds over the metro area. no rain here yet. it is chilly. rain is arriving in southeastern virginia now coming up the lower part of the bay does look like it will be arriving in washington by later this afternoon. the leading edge near williamsburg, further to the east in the middle neck of have a have a, the northern neck and st. mary's county and parts of southern maryland. there's not as much cloudiness but all cloudy elsewhere. we'll stay cloudy through the morning by noontime into the low to mid-60s. the high for the day and then rain in a the metro area around 2:00 and off and on rain from 2:00 p.m. through this evening. we'll have temperatures drop back down into the 50s so a rainy and chilly evening down to
5:40 am
the mid-50s with rain. more rain likely the next several days. details on that with your seven-day outlook. now, danella, how is traffic? tom, still following breaking news on bw parkway. chopper 4 arriving to the scene. here is what's going on southbound is lanes bw parkway are blocked at 175. it looks like multiple accidents. now what's happening northbound side. seeing delays. to get the drivers off to the southbound side the drivers here merge merged over to the northbound lanes using the emergency road and so northbound you are experiencing a delay. i'm adding it up now. it's at least a mile. do not take it southbound because your lanes are blocked 175. for your delays as we talked about that northbound, southbound delays are about two miles. aaron and eun? thank you, danella. the important payment the government does not want you to
5:41 am
forget just because of the shutdown. the reminder from the irs next. and no question the cost of living in d.c. is high. ahead, the new push happening ahead, the new push happening today to put more money
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for the first time ever, i am supporting a democrat for governor. i am proud to support terry mcauliffe because he's focused on creating jobs for the commonwealth. i hope you'll join me and vote for terry mcauliffe for governor.
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welcome back at 5:45. we've learned a class action lawsuit will be filed against the united nations today accusing the organization of causing the spread of cholera in haiti an epidemic broke out after the devastating earthquake killed more than 8,000 people and sickened more than 650,000. a study by a scientific panel found a u.n. peacekeeper was likely carrying cholera when the group arrived three years ago. it's believed that u.n. battalion then dumped cholera related water into the main water supply. the u.n. has refused to respond to the allegations citing
5:45 am
diplomatic immunity. we are learning more about the woman behind last week's capitol chaos. according to court documents miriam carey had a lock box when she tried to ram her car through the white house gates. her passport, foreign currency and driver's license were in it. nothing offers any clues as to why she drove here from connecticut. police shot and killed carey as she sped to the capitol. she was being treated for mental health issues including postpartum depression. the heiress to mars may be to blame for a deadly crash that happened last friday in loudoun county. 73-year-old jacqueline mars was driving her porsche suv when she crossed the median and hit minivan carrying six people. ellisor died. she was not wearing a seat belt. no charges have been filed
5:46 am
against mars. this tragedy has left jacquie filled with sorrow for the loss of life and those who were injured in the accident. this morning a carjacking victim is sharing her story with news 4. it started monday when a woman was sitting in the front seat. the maryland woman says she was looking at her phone when someone yanked the door open. >> he just pulled my arm and he said get out of your car. and right then i panicked and started screaming and i was honking the horn. >> yesterday the bmw-x5 was spotted by police in prince george's county. they chased the suv before it crashed in landover hills. that's when two teens took off. an officer suffered a nonlife threatening leg injury in the chase. 12 minutes the hour. leaders in d.c., montgomery and prince george's county in
5:47 am
maryland will announce a new push to raise the minimum wage. they want to create a regional minimum wage. the announcement will happen at 11:30 this morning at the washington metropolitan council of governments. 5:48 now. let's check in with molette green at the live desk. a suicide car bombing in afghanistan kills four people, two civilians and two police officers in the southern section of the country. just the latest in a series of increasing bombs throughout the region in a campaign to retake the territory as foreign forces withdraw. that is the latest from the live desk. the i'm molette green. back to you. in news for your health, hundreds of people in 18 states have become sick after eating chicken contaminated with salmonella. it's been traced to chicken products from foster farms in
5:48 am
california. there have been no recalls, though. the centers for disease control and the department of agriculture are involved in the investigation but the government shutdown is limiting their efforts. health experts say kaking chicken thoroughly and washing hands and prep areas are the best ways to prevent salmonella infection. four teachers who worked at the same high school in malibu, say toxic mold caused their cancers. one-thirpd of the school's teachers have complained about recent health problems. an environmental group is testing the mold at the school. those results should be in by the end of the week. a new study says it's unnecessary for most terminal cancer patients to receive multiple doses of radiation therapy to control pain. that's according to the university of pennsylvania. research shows a single session of radiation provides just as much pain relief as multiple sessions. only 3% of patients received just a single treatment. nearly half underwent ten. 5:50 now.
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a camera at the arlington county courthouse this morning. pro-choice advocates will be rallying in support of the falls church health care center. opponents to those new regulations say the board is trying to limit women's access to abortion. a plan to ease traffic is not going over well with some residents. vdot proposes building a round about at the intersection of braddock and pleasant valleys roads in centreville. not everybody is happy with that proposal. i don't travel that area on purpose. some say the round about will not affect traffic. they point to the new round abouts that had to be fixed because there were more accidents. be on the lookout for black bears in frederick county. the department of natural resources says there were 40 sightings of black bears in the county last year.
5:50 am
there were only 14 sightings in 2008. black bears are not typically harmful, but residents should still use caution and avoid them. typically not harmful. >> always good advice. >> i mean, it's a black bear. >> you don't want a confrontation on purpose. 5:51 is our time now. tom is here to talk about this cooldown and wet weather. >> the deer getting more active. a black bear on the rail trail several weeks ago out near hancock, maryland. the bears are around and we have unbearable weather for you, too. >> oh, tom. >> you knew it was coming. the temperatures right now are just in the low to mid-50s. you need a jacket this morning. before you leave the house grab an umbrella. you'll be needing it by the time you come back home later today. it's only in the 40s. storm team 4 radar showing rain advancing into the lower eastern shore near the mouth of the chesapeake bay now but there's a lot more here sitting off of the hatteras coast. some of this are the tropical
5:51 am
rains from tropical storm karen coming up our way later foed. and as we look at the timing on this, i think by about 11:00 this morning, this area of green, that's the leading edge of rain, should be into st. mary's and calvert county, the northern neck. by 2:00 this afternoon leading edge of that rain should be right into washington and then it will continue advance iing o to the north and west and we'll have that rain moving through the evening hours and continuing to move off to our west and will be with us off and on through the evening hours. how much rain will we get? and we'll take a look at the next several days with our rain chances live now on the national mall with chuck bell. chuck? >> reporter: tom, good morning. we checked the wiper blades here on the storm team 4x4 because we will need them and you will need yours to be in perfect working order as well. our computer model at the tv station for how much rain we think we may be getting here over the next couple of days. most of the rain starts mid to late afternoon today and the heaviest and steadiest of the
5:52 am
rains from sun down tonight through lunch time tomorrow but the rain will not be over then. then we just get back into the mist and the drizzle and the light rain and showers. it will continue all the way through thursday night and friday. most important of all, what does this mean for your beweekend? saturday, indeed, light rain, showers and drizzle. sunday still an awful lot of cloud cover around and temperatures generally speaking 55 to 65. so all that warm 75, 80 degree sun issy weather we've been enjoying is a thing of the past. >> it's not going to be real sunny. afternoon highs today will be reaching by early afternoon the low to mid-60s. once that rain starts, right back down into the 50s and this wet pattern for the next several days all the way into the weekend. highs in the 50s tomorrow. just near 60. saturday into the mid-60s and we'll probably get some of those showers, maybe a little bit of
5:53 am
drizzle off and on on sunday. next week we have highs, low to mid-70s. another look at storm team 4 radar coming in about ten minutes. first 4 traffic with danella, good morning. good morning, tom. still tracking the situation on bw parkway. a closer look, if you're traveling southbound, the accident looks like two separate accidents involved here. of it's just south of the exit for 175. this is the northbound delays because at one point to get the folks trapped behind this accident they had to shoot over, stop the traffic here in the northbound lanes and allow the drivers to go northbound and then they'd have to turn around. so if you're traveling northbound, delays are a mile and a half. southbound delays. don't forget all your southbound lanes are blocked at 175. so delays here are two and a half miles, again, i-95, perfect workaround, not seeing any delays here. >> danella, thank you. 5:55 now as the temperatures start to drop outside, the
5:54 am
government says we can expect to pay more for heat this year, in its heating outlook, people who use natural gas who pay an average of about $680, that is 13% higher than last year, those who use electricity won't have to pay much more $18 extra. heating oil will see a slight drop. you can still expect to pay about $2,000. 5:55 is your time now. the shutdown won't excuse you from a payment you may owe the federal government. cnbc's court nae reagan has that and more for your money. court the knee, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to u you. did you think you would get out of those taxes? the irs has a friendly reminder because the agency is closed during the shutdown and most employees are on furlough doesn't mean you don't have to pay your taxes. anyone who received a six-month extension still has to file by the october 15th deadline. howard schultz is asking can't we all just get along? he wants lawmakers to resolve
5:55 am
their gridlock. today through friday starbucks will give out a free tall brewed coffee to anyone who buys any type of drink for someone else. this is a way to help people support and connect with each other while we wait for congress to do the same for the country. this probably won't change the minds in d.c. but some goodwill to start your day. >> we'll all be highly caffeinated today. thanks so much. if an ipad is on your wish list for the holidays, you might want to wait a few more weeks before checking it off. apple plans to introduce a new line of popular tablets on october 22. the new ipads are expected to be lighter and thinner and have more powerful processors. the blog says apple may announce a release date for some of its new computers. now is a good time to buy one of apple's newest phones. they're all selling the iphone 5c for $50 or less. walmart cut the prays to $45
5:56 am
with a two-year contract. that deal will reportedly be good through the holiday season. best buy and radio shack are offering $50 to the purchase of an iphone. radio shack ends november 2. >> that's a good deal. d.c. city leaders head to the capitol in a few hours demanding lawmakers fund the government the way they want you to get involved. plus, a call to truckers to block the beltway with their tractor-trailers on friday morning. the confession the man behind the idea just made about his plan. and a cool morning when you head out for the day but a chance for rain when you come
5:57 am
5:58 am
right the now at 5:59, d.c. city leaders plan to take their fight for fund youing to the capitol. they plan to swamp the senate in a few hours. plus, a teenager stabbed in alex and dre yeah. the arrest police made and why they still need your help. first, following breaking
5:59 am
news near 175. danella sealock is here to tell us about that. backups are building because of several wrecks. multiple accidents here and southbound lanes all blocked at 175. you can see the solid delays, jammed taking the exit off 175 and shooting over to i-95. traveling northbound bw parkway as well, a minor delay here. again, this is really going to tie folks up while police are on the scene investigating this crash. here is what you're facing southbound delays over two miles, they start at 100. avoid that. instead you should jump on 100 and then connect to i-95 and continue southbound. northbound delays are about a mile and a half and as i said, i-95 still looking good miraculously. avoid this road altogether, you can shoot over to make your commute. now over to tom.


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